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Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases

Publications from 2014

A Glycoprotein Subunit Vaccine Elicits a Strong Rift Valley Fever Virus Neutralizing Antibody Response in Sheep


Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

Bonto Faburay, Maxim Lebedev, D. Scott McVey, William Wilson, Igor Morozov, Alan Young, and Juergen A. Richt


Characterization of Uncultivable Bat Influenza Virus Using a Replicative Synthetic Virus


PLoS Pathogens

Bin Zhou, Jingjiao Ma, Qinfang Liu, Bhupinder Bawa, Wei Wang, Reed S. Shabman, Michael Duff, Jinhwa Lee, Yuekun Lang, Nan Cao, Abdou Nagy, Xudong Lin, Timothy B. Stockwell, Juergen A. Richt, David E. Wentworth, Wenjun Ma


Emergence of a novel drug resistant H7N9 influenza virus: evidence based clinical potential of a natural Ifn- for infection control and treatment


Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther

Qinfang Liu, Jingjiao Ma, David R Strayer, William M Mitchell, William A Carter, Wenjun Ma & Juergen A Richt


Evaluation of lamb and calf responses to Rift Valley fever MP-12 vaccination


Veterinary Microbiology

William C. Wilson, Bhupinder Bawa, Barbara S. Drolet, Chris Lehiy, Bonto Faburay, Dane C. Jasperson, Lindsey Reister, Natasha N. Gaudreault, Jolene Carlson, Wenjun Ma, Igor Morozow, D. Scott McVey, Juergen Richt


Infectious Diseases and Their Outbreaks in Asia-Pacific: Biodiversity and its Regulation Loss Matter


PLoS One

Serge Morand, Sathaporn Jittapalapong, Yupin Suputtamongkol, Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah, Tan Boon Huan


North American Triple Reassortant and Eurasian H1N1 Swine Influenza Viruses Do Not Readily Reassort to Generate a 2009 Pandemic H1N1-Like Virus



Wenjun Ma, Qinfang Liu, Chuanling Qiao, Gustavo del Real, Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, Richard J. Webby, Juergen Richt


Phylogenetic analysis and victim contact tracing of rabies virus from humans and dogs in Bali, Indonesia


Epidemiology and Infection

G. N. K. Mahardika, N. Dibia, N. S. Budayanti, N. M. Susilawathi, K. Subrata, A. E. Darwinata, F. S. Wignall, J. A. Richt, W. A. Valdivia-Granda and A. A. R. Sudewi


Swine and Influenza: A Challenge to One Health Research


Influenza Pathogenesis and Control - Volume 1

Robert E. Kahn, Wenjun Ma and Jürgen A. Richt