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Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases


1800 Denison Ave
Mosier Hall, Room P200
Manhattan, KS  66506

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The overall goal of the Detection Theme Area is the development of tests and devices for detecting and diagnosing threat agents, including RVFV, FMDV and AIV.

Current Projects

Department of Homeland Security Funded Projects
  • Field Deployable Miniature Biosensor for Genomic Signature Based ASFV and CSFV Detection and Characterization
  • Evaluation and Translation of Point of Need Molecular Diagnostics for Transboundary, Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Agents
  • Pathogen Detection and Discovery
Kansas Biosciences Authority Funded Projects
  • Novel and emerging pathogen detection using metagenomics sequencing
  • Next generation in-vitro testing for the assessment of protective immunity to foot-and-mouth disease in vaccinated cattle
  • Field evaluation of the Rift Valley fever Point-of-Care PCR assay
Kansas Biosciences Authority from Joint Call (KBA funding only)
  • ASFVp30, p54, p72, and CD-2 like protein epitope mapping and development of blocking and antigen detection assays (KBA Funding Only)
  • Co-detection of different genotypes of FMDv, CSFv and ASFv with a high-throughput MassTag system (KBA Funding Only)
Kansas Biosciences Authority /National Pork Board Joint Call Funded Projects
  • Rapid detection and epidemiological surveillance of African Swine Fever using oral fluid