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Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases

2013 Events

December 16, 2013

CEEZAD Call for White Papers - Due January 15, 2014

The Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases invites White Paper submissions for high impact research contributing to one or more of CEEZAD's major theme areas: Vaccines, Diagnostics/Detection, Epidemiology/Modeling and Education and Outreach. Priority will be given to projects that focus on CEEZAD's mission to enhance the capabilities of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by developing state-of-the-art countermeasures for transboundary animal diseases. Diseases of particular interest at this time include Foot and Mouth Disease, African Swine Fever and Classical Swine Fever. Projects already at an advanced stage of development for which funding would bring a product closer to the end-user, and projects which clearly engage partners, stakeholders and end-users are encouraged.

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October 7 - November 3, 2013--Web Based Course

Zoonoses: Protecting People and Their Pets Online Course

The course provides an excellent opportunity for animal and human healthcare professionals and students to refresh and gain knowledge of key zoonotic diseases. The course includes lessons, case studies, a discussion board, and online resources to assist in conveying zoonotic disease prevention measures to clients. "Companion animals play an important role in people's lives," said Dr. Glenda Dvorak, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, course instructor, Assistant Director, CFSPH. Dr. Dvorak emphasizes that "Partnerships between human, veterinary and public health professionals are needed to raise awareness, enhance detection, and promote prevention of zoonotic diseases to protect the health of people and pets.".

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June 14 - July 28, 2013--Web Based Course

CEEZAD Emerging & Exotic Diseases of Animals (EEDA) course

Are you looking for a new and interactive way to learn more and/or refresh your knowledge about foreign animal diseases and emergency response? By taking the web-based course Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals, used at all U.S. veterinary colleges, you can now earn up to 18 RACE approved, continuing education hours.

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